Extreme Granite was founded in New Orleans in January of 2006, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In less than a year, the company had completed the fabrication and installation of more than 185 sets of kitchen countertops in the rebuilding effort.

In January of 2007, the owner moved back home to northern Maine and opened up for business in a rented shop in Mars Hill. By January of 2008, the company finished construction and moved into its own fabrication shop and showroom in Mapleton. The business continued to grow, and in January of 2009, they opened a new 3600 square foot showroom on US Route 1 in Presque Isle. A short time later another fabrication shop was opened just down the street from the new showroom.

Extreme Granite now stocks approximately 300 slabs of common and exotic granites. We complete more than 250 residential and commercial projects a year, and are the biggest purveyor of granite countertops in northern Maine and western New Brunswick. Our service area includes all of Maine north of Bangor, and western New Brunswick from Edmundston to Fredericton.


Since its inception, Extreme Granite’s philosophy has been to sell our product directly to the ultimate consumer. We do not offer our product through intermediaries such as cabinet dealers or the big box stores. By eliminating the middleman’s mark-up, we’re able to offer our customer a much better price and more personal service. And in the end, we are able to sell a much higher percentage of the projects that we quote.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide the residents of northern Maine and western New Brunswick with the largest selection of common and exotic stone, coupled with the best quality and quickest service and at the lowest price possible.


Price = Square Footage x Price per Square Foot + Options + Delivery Fee (if applicable).

In order to give you a price on your project, we need to calculate the square footage of your job (see : "How to make a sketch"). Once we know how many square feet your project requires, that figure is multiplied by the price of the stone that you have selected.

For example, if it would take 50 square feet of granite for your project, and the granite that you had selected was priced at $50 a square foot, the price for this job would be $2,500. In the US that price would include the granite, fabrication, delivery and installation. *For Canadian customers a fee applies which is paid directly to our Canadian installer. (see : "Canadian Installation Rates")

This price would also include our standard edge profile which is a double eased edge. Upgraded edge profiles are priced by the square foot on countertops, and by the lineal foot on backsplash (see : "Upgraded Edge Profiles")

The only other charge would be for the sink cut out. If the sink is to be a drop-in installation the price is $50 to cut out the hole. If the sink is to be an undermount installation, the price is $300 to cut out and polish the hole. This price also includes the hardware that mounts the sink to the granite, but it does not include the sink itself. (see : "Sink Cut-Outs")

So, let’s say that your kitchen requires 50 square feet of granite and the granite that you like is priced at $49 per square foot. Let's say that you want the standard edge, and that you're planning on having an undermount sink. The price on your project would be 50 square feet, times $49 per square foot, plus $300 for the undermount sink. The grand total would be $2,750.


Sink and Cooktop Cut-Outs

Kitchen sink cut outs (under or top mount) $275
Bar sink cut out $150
Vanity sink cut out $99
Cook top cut out $150

Faucet Hole Cut-Outs

There is no charge for faucet holes!

Small Projects

Since small projects such as windowsills, wall caps, thresholds, shower seats and shelves, mantels, fireplace trim, etc. generally require a significant amount of edge polishing, while at the same time requiring little square footage, these projects are not done at our regular rates, but are priced by the job.

Upgraded Edge Profiles

Standard (Double Eased) EdgeNo Charge
Half Bullnose Edge$12 per Lineal Foot
Bevel or Table Edge$16 per Lineal Foot
Full Bullnose Edge$18 per Lineal Foot
3cm Ogee Edge$20 per Lineal Foot

Please Note : Backsplash comes standard with eased edge at no charge. Half bullnose edge profile is available at $8 per lineal foot.

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