Canadian Installation Rates & Info

Due to international labor laws, Extreme Granite is not able to install your countertops ourself. We do have a Canadian installer. His name is Adrian Plante and he is from the Edmundston area. Adrian charges a fee per square foot depending on where you live. These rates are listed below. This fee includes the delivery and installation of your tops, and also the initial visit to your house to take measurements or make a template. The delivery fee is paid directly to Adrian, and can be paid in US or Canadian funds.

Please Note : Be advised that when Adrian comes for the installation, the customer must meet him at the border to pay the HST.


Victoria County$6 per Square Foot
Carleton and Madawaska Counties$7 per Square Foot
York County$8 per Square Foot

Please Note : Be advised that these rates assume the average kitchen size of 55 square feet. Projects smaller than 50 square feet may be subject to a minimum delivery and installation fee based on that size. For projects larger than 55 square feet, the rate applies to the total amount of square footage.

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